Ken Elsberry | Quitman, GA

I have been licensed since April of 1977 and am retired after 44 years of banking. My main antenna is a dipole 155' long, center fed with 450 ohm ladder line and up 75' stretched tight. A rope and pulley system supports a full sized concrete block suspended a few feet above ground. This keeps the wire from snapping when the pine trees sway. Another antenna is a ground mounted quarter wave vertical resonant on 30 meters and having many radials. Out performs dipoles many times. Also at 50' is a Super Mini Loop which has proved to be outstanding on 40 meters and very effective on all other bands with the use of a tuner. Plans are to raise a 40 meter Bob Tailed Curtain antenna soon (Winter 2010). This will be a DX antenna cut for the 40 m CW band and directional to Europe and the South Paciffic. You can find me most every night on 3.983 MHz, up or down depending on QRM, from 2230 to 2400 hrs. Equipment in the shack is an Icom 761; Collins 30L 1; Palstar AT1KP tuner, and Ten-Tec Omni 6 + with Palstar AT1500DT tuner. The Ten-Tec serves as the main CW rig. Some of the equipment is old, but it still works. Hey, I resemble that remark!!